About Us




I started using essential oils from when I was a youngster simple things like tea tree oil and lavender for my skin. As I grew older I became more interested in how natural ingredients we use everyday can help our skin and our health. But I never actually thought of making my own face creams and skin care. I always thought it was too hard and needed to be done in a labortory.


So now in my forties I have come to realise that this isnt the case. I started to be critical of what I was using and became more aware of the chemicals and animal derivites that were in cosmetics and skin care products.

As I am now vegan this bothered me somewhat as I am careful to not eat these products so why am I putting them on my body?

I have always suffered with my skin one way or another and it did dawn on me that natural botanical products were the way to go. However they were expensive and they still did use some chemicals which were drying and I felt unnecessary for my overall well being. This was my light bulb moement!


So Laouami Botanicals was born! I decided to make my own skin care and bath range to ensure that what I applied to my skin was plant based and was of use to my skin, and my well being in general.

So I chose to share my skin care range and bath products with people , as because they are all my own recipes and unique to me I know and have felt their benefits and I realised what they can do for others.

I am passionate about my brand being 100% ethically produced and that they are only tested on willing humans before I sell to the general public.

I make everything in my studio and I purchase the raw ingredients from companies I know to be also 100% ethically aware.


You can find me at trade fairs and Vegan fairs in the Essex and surrounding areas. Check the face book page for the venues Im going to be attending. I also have my shop on here where you can order products.


If you would like me to attend a fair or show then email me using the contact form on here. I would be happy to come diary permitting!